New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Just a thought… I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for MONTHS… I’ve had this post drafted even before I’ve created my wordpress account (I had a hard time deciding on a blogging platform — like if I should go back to blogger or tumblr, or try something new like wordpress or weebly… etc.) And then I’ve been trying to find time to finish this post, and again, I couldn’t because… school… I’ve also been contemplating on the aesthetics of this blog (I’ve been eyeing a theme… but I’ll have to save up for it), and then I realized that a blog would only look soooooo much better when there’s content (of course) So now, I’m here! Yay!

I guess this is a little (or maybe a lot) late… Like the meme says, January is a trial month, and the real 2016 begins on February… Well, in my case, July… (let’s just say this is a new school year’s resolutions post?? 😛) I’ve had 6, going on 7, trial months, so I better make the most out of the remaining months of this year to make this year one of the best years yet.


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I think it’s time…

I think it’s time I post something here. I’ve been letting a longer post sit in the drafts folder for weeks while I find time to finish it, hoping that it would make for a good blog launching post. I can’t wait any longer. The sight of an empty blog feed makes me cringe. I want to post something.

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog post. I was around 13 when I first wrote blog posts, back in what was my blog in blogger. I had to delete my old google account, for I had been hacked so many times, and have also been receiving a lot of weird, annoying, virus-filled spams. My mistake though was not transferring my blog content to another blog. Bad mistake. I couldn’t remember any of what I posted there, or if any of them made any sense. Well, I have no plans of recreating any of them anyway.

I’ve always been into writing, but I never found time for it… or I’m afraid for anyone to read my work… or I’m simply lazy… Well, whatever excuse I’ve had in the past few years, I’m throwing that away. This time, I’m finally going to start a new blog, one that’s not just for reblogging. I’m going to turn my thoughts into beautiful words, and map out my dreams through writing. How? I’m about to find out, I guess…

Anyway, welcome to my blog! That was too dramatic for a first post; I’ll try not to post anything like it in future. Follow this blog, and you’ll be able to witness my rio crucero, my river cruise. 🙂